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Hello, welcome to my Simblr. Name is Michelle. I'm a 26 year old gamer and TV show enthusiast from Seattle. I usually take more darker Sims 3 photos but cute photos are never a bad thing. Sometimes I'll post TERA photos.

Vampire Mine [TS3] has officially been put to rest. I truly am sorry.

My Castiel sim is not up for download.
Sorry about that.

[I’ve been asked to publish this for mayberachel since she’s on a class trip]

Michelle Hairset

Hi everyone! I’ve seen somebody taking parts of Peggy’s, Newsea’s or Butterfly’s meshes and making a new hair out of it and then I thought - so that’s allowed? Hell yeah, I want to do it too! So these two hairstyles were born :)

Credits for the meshparts go to Peggy and NewSea and the credit for the texture goes to Pooklet!

They’re both not completely flawless and for that, I’m really sorry. But I hope you enjoy them anyways ♥

If you want to retexture them, just shot a link to the original with it, pleeeease :D

Download it from HERE

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